Sometimes you’ve got to crash before you fly…

So I saw this awesome slow motion video on FB yesterday of this 19 year old launching himself in the air and breaking a pole vault record clearing the bar at 19 ft and 1 inch. 

The video was great inspiration for me to help while my client who was struggling with some serious anxieties about her career. 

I asked her to tell me her fears, to acknowledge the specific things that are stressing her and paralysing her from starting on her journey of finding a new “corporate” job. 

Remembering the awesome video I talked through how sometimes to achieve goals you may have to crash on a mat a couple of times. There is no way that kids who hurled himself near vertical in the air to clear that bar had success straight away. He would have had many sessions practising, likely falling, possibly hurting. 

So we set some goals to apply for a set number of jobs per week, to allocate a set time to research companies and to set rewards for achieving these goals. We acknowledged that rejection would happen but that was just like crashing on the mats, it was practise that gave tougher skin and increased grit to attack the next challenge. 

Setting goals can be hard especially when you are paralysed by perfectionalism, weighed downed with anxiety or unclear of what you really want to achieve. 

Here are some hints to help you achieve your goals:

  1. It can be helpful to break down the big goal into smaller, manageable tasks. 
  2. You need allocate specific times in your diary for when you are working on these tasks, you need focus. Also set realistic time frames for completion. 
  3. It important to reward yourself as you accomplish things – whether it’s a coffee break, some tv time or a special purchase. 
  4. It also great to have support – a mentor, an accountability buddy or just a supportive friend. 

To watch the full video click here and Happy Decluttering! 

An out of the box wardrobe solution 

Was reading through my Facebook feed this morning and up popped this post – People are losing their minds over this family’s wardrobe hack

An article about a family who set up a centralised wardrobe. 

That’s nothing new – I did this for a busy mum a couple of years ago 😝. 

She was recently divorced, had three kids under 10, one child had special needs and they all went to different schools which meant mornings were a crazy affair. 

Lucky for me she had a huge buffet and hutch system near her kitchen which wasn’t being utilised effectively so I converted into a school uniform wardrobe. 

I removed the shelves in the tall section and inserted a tension rod for their hanging items like shirts, pants and dresses. 

Each child was allocated a shelf for their sport shoes, school shoes and hat.

Drawers are easy for kids so the simplest solution was inserting some stand alone wire basket sets into the existing bar fridge sized holes. These conveniently store nappies, wipes, play hats and gum boots. 

 The laundry is just around the corner so it’s super easy for mum to restock school supplies when the laundry is done.

I also created a “hair” drawer that contains all the brushes, accessories and products needed for easy hair wrangling in the mornings. 

As you can see from the photos not all the supplies were included as some were being worn, some were in the wash and some were MIA… a common problem for this poor mum. 

All the solutions created were temporary fixes as I know that not everyone wants a wardrobe in their kitchen. The system can be tweaked as the kids grow and needs change. This clients loved her centralised wardrobe – it was the perfect solution to help her get her three kids fed, dressed, bags packed and out the door on time… most of the time ;p

Would a centralised wardrobe be a solution in your home??

It’s time to teach your kids the joy of decluttering 

Are you sick of tripping over toys that spill out of the toy boxes? 

Tired of nagging the kids to tidy up?

Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start?

I can hear parents everywhere reply with a big “yes”. I see it all the time – the toys take over the space and the whole family is overwhelmed. 

The parents repeatedly ask the kids to tidy their mess and they don’t know what to do either, usually because 

  • the toys don’t have defined homes
  • there are too many toys for the space
  • the kids don’t have a system
  • it’s not fun

Decluttering Diva can save the day! In these  school holidays (and in future) I am offering “kids only” sessions – a time where I work with your child to clean their room or toy area and teach them the how-to’s of decluttering and some basic organising principles. 

I’m all cleared with the official stuff as I have my WWCC and as a mum of three myself I know how to motivate, communicate and work with kids. I have a limited number of powerhouse 2.5 hour sessions available to families living within 30 min radius of Hornsby for only $250 (plus GST)

Times available:

  • Tues 26th (arvo)
  • Wed 27th (arvo)
  • Thurs 28th ( morn & arvo)
  • Tues 3rd (morn & arvo)
  • Thurs 5th ( morn & arvo)

Contact me at to book your kids only session now. 

How to adult

For many of my clients my job is to help them “adult”. 

Maybe their parents didn’t teach them, they’ve had someone else to do it for them or have just managed to procrastinate somethings forever. 

According to a recent  article we google a lot of how to” things. (Click here to read it yourself – it’s pretty interesting). Some of the top searches are for tasks that may seem pretty basic to many like how to change a lightbulb or boil an egg. 

But not everyone was taught to adult and that’s ok. 

I love teaching my clients to adult – whether it’s creating systems for bills, meals, laundry, home maintenance or other random things.  I love empowering my client to build on their skill set, set goals and achieve them – no matter how big or small and master this thing called life. 

So if you’re ready to learn now and want some help “adulting” thats ok. Google doesn’t actually have all the answers to life so maybe I can help. 

#adulting #divaeffect #declutteringdiva

A helping hand of a different kind

Many of my jobs involve physically helping clients to knock off those jobs that they have been procrastinating. 

Procrastination- the action of delaying or postponing something

For you that could be

  • Sorting through the kids clothes and toys that they so quickly grow out of
  •  purging out of date paperwork and organising it for tax
  • Cleaning out the pantry
  • Lightening the load in the linen press
  • Having a “Trinny & Susannah” moment in your wardrobe
  • Finally unpacking the boxes from your move

Tomorrow’s job is a bit different. Tomorrow I am helping a client to tackle a very personal “to-do” that they have been procrastinating for a long time. She has admitted that leaving it for so long has actually built up the anxiety to a level that she fears doing it so bad that she now has a phobia. (After my experience dealing with my bird phobia she knew I would understand more than most)

We are going to the dentist. 

I love that by being a non judgemental, trusted “friend” while working through the clutter in her home, she knows I will show the same respect, empathy and understanding undertaking this delicate task. 

I’m hoping that by the mere accomplishment of this job her confidence in her ability to complete tasks will grow and her anxiety levels will lessen. I can’t wait to celebrate the victory tomorrow and see the change in her demeanour and mindset. 

I share this story to enlighten you and encourage you that no matter what you are procrastinating, whether it’s big or small, you can tick off that to-do. You may need a helping hand – a person to work along side you, a professional to advise you or a friend to encourage you – and that’s ok. Often when we procrastinate we magnify the task in our head and make it feel it will be too hard or take too long etc. 

As the famous quote goes – how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If you need help munching through your to-do list, call me. 

Is your shed in a shambles??

Here are some tips from me and fellow PO Linda Eagleton on how to keep your shed decluttered and organised, featured in a recent article.

I understand your anxiety more than you realise 

Firstly, I want you to set a reminder or press record on your TV for this Sunday 8:10pm on ch7. 

Thank you. Now I will tell you my story. 

For many of you the idea of having a stranger rifle through your personal possessions and give advice on how to handle them better is terrifying. Many of my clients can be extremely anxious before I arrive and during my visit. Dry mouth, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, the feeling of wanting to run away or have me leave – I’ve seen it all before. I don’t take it personally and even though my clients don’t always believe me, I understand. I really do. 

You see most of my life I’ve had a phobia of birds.My first memories are going into the chicken coup at my grandparents hobby farm to get the eggs. I hated it when the chickens flapped about. I remember the fear growing when dealing with those wretched magpies while I walked to and from school in the spring time. The next vivid memory was going to Wilsons Promotory and feeding the rainbow lorikeets and being pranked by my brothers. 

Fast forward to being a grown up, having kids and the like. My anxiety towards birds had escalated to such a state that I couldn’t go to food court alone because of the pigeons, beach outings were a nightmare with those terrifying seagulls and on really bad days a moth could set me into a full blown panic attack. It was horrible. It was embarrassing. It was crippling. My fear had taken over and controlled my thoughts and actions. 

This Sunday on the Sunday Night program on Channel 7 my story will be shared – showing before, during and after a new treatment for phobias. 

I would love you to watch. 

I have shared my story and try this new treatment for several reasons

  1.  to help to enlighten and educate those that don’t suffer from anxiety or phobias 
  2.  to speak for those that due to their anxiety cannot 
  3. to show that change can happen
  4. And because as a psychology student I had to try it. 

Like you inviting me into your home to work through your clutter issues, I invite you into my life to see another side of me. I hope it inspires you to overcome a fear, or to be patient with someone you may know who struggles with anxiety. As I write this I am both terrified and excited that my secret will be out. 

So watch the show and find out how I now handle birds. 

Pinterest perfection – an urban myth

I shared this post of Pinterest beauty hack fails on my fb page earlier for a bit of a laugh.

I want to make something clear Pinterest is not reality. 

Many people look to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration to get decluttered and organised, that is fine. What is not fine is the unrealistic expectation that your home needs to be Pinterest perfect. 

So many of the hacks I see initially look good but practically they won’t work. For instance this bracelet organising idea using a paper towel holder…

Seems ok till you want to get to the one on the bottom. Like any organising that has stacks, you will use the top 2 or 3 and the rest will be too hard to get too and won’t get used. 

How about this one…

Firstly, I think that is too many cleaning products and secondly a cheap plastic product like this won’t last. You would need to buy a very high quality over the door shoe hanger to support the weight. Not so cheap and cheerful after all?!?

I plan to continue to challenge the Pinterest mindset that things to need to be colour coded, pretty labelled, overly contained, matchy matchy niceness to be organised. 

Using a Professional Organiser like Decluttering Diva who has experience and the ability to think outside the box will get you organising solutions that actually work… for you. 

Would love to hear your thoughts… got a Pinterest organising hack that actually works? Dare to share a Pinterest fail?

Tips for Getting Your Pantry (and Life) in Order

Here at Decluttering Diva, we understand how difficult it can be to stay organised all the time. Trust us, no one is perfect when it comes to staying organised. However, we must say that we are better than most. We specialise in working with those who struggle with chronic disorganisation issues. Similar to working with a personal trainer who you hire to help you lose weight, Decluttering Diva can help you with hands on support and expert, practical advice to help you lose your clutter for good. Because of our expertise in this area, Bupa Life Insurance featured us in their recent post about ‘How to Declutter Your Home and Your Life’. Here are some of our tips to help you tackle the dreaded kitchen pantry, one of the most common culprits of disorganisation.
Clear It Out

Start by taking everything out so that you can see what you are working with. Check every bottle or box for expiration dates and throw out anything that is past its prime. If there are any duplicates, combine them into one container, if possible. If there is any food that you and your family are unlikely to eat but that is still good, you may want to consider donating it to a local food bank or shelter. Once you have consolidated everything, take inventory to figure out if there is anything you’ll need to buy the next time you are at the store so that you have everything you need.
Tidy It Up

Now that you’ve gotten rid of the excess, it’s time to start putting things away. Don’t just shove everything back into the pantry. Take some time to really think about where things will go so that they are convenient and easy to access when you need them. For condiments or seasonings, a Lazy Susan can be a great way to stay organised. This way, you won’t have to worry about jars getting lost and forgotten at the back of the shelf. Simply rotate the Lazy Susan to find what you are looking for with ease.
Keep It That Way

Here comes the hard part: keeping your pantry organised for the long haul. Schedule a time to maintain the organisation of your pantry. It could be every week or once a month. The point is to set a schedule that works best for you. Each time you organise, put everything that moved back into its rightful place and double-check expiration dates. The more often you stay on top of your organisation, the easier it will be to maintain. With just a little bit of effort, you’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to keep everything in order so that you can always find that jar of oregano when you need it.

Happy Decluttering!

NOW 2017 – Thursday Challenge

Ok, today we are getting healthy. Today for your National Organising Week Challenge we are getting our bathrooms cabinets healthy. 

Did you know your makeup, skincare and medicine have expiry dates? And if you use them after those dates it can make you sick. Here is a guide for how long your makeup should stay around once it’s opened. 

Want to know something else? All those hotel samples can be decluttered for good – send them to my good friends at Every Little Bit Helps ( and thy will distribute to the homeless. 

So take 5 minutes – chuck the old stuff, declutter the hotel stuff and make your bathroom beautiful. 

Happy decluttering!