You need to hear about Yam

My dear friend Yam just recently received the devastating news that she has Stage IV Lung Cancer. Seriously, one day she was sick with a cold, she went to her doctor and pushed to have further tests done and the next moment she is in the ER having fluid taken from around her heart. We … Continue reading You need to hear about Yam

Is your shed in a shambles??

Here are some tips from me and fellow PO Linda Eagleton on how to keep your shed decluttered and organised, featured in a recent article.

I understand your anxiety more than you realiseĀ 

Firstly, I want you to set a reminder or press record on your TV for this Sunday 8:10pm on ch7.  Thank you. Now I will tell you my story.  For many of you the idea of having a stranger rifle through your personal possessions and give advice on how to handle them better is terrifying. … Continue reading I understand your anxiety more than you realiseĀ 

Pinterest perfection – an urban myth

I shared this post of Pinterest beauty hack fails on my fb page earlier for a bit of a laugh. I want to make something clear Pinterest is not reality.  Many people look to Pinterest for ideas and inspiration to get decluttered and organised, that is fine. What is not fine is the unrealistic … Continue reading Pinterest perfection – an urban myth

Tips for Getting Your Pantry (and Life) in Order

Here at Decluttering Diva, we understand how difficult it can be to stay organised all the time. Trust us, no one is perfect when it comes to staying organised. However, we must say that we are better than most. We specialise in working with those who struggle with chronic disorganisation issues. Similar to working with … Continue reading Tips for Getting Your Pantry (and Life) in Order

NOW 2017 – Thursday Challenge

Ok, today we are getting healthy. Today for your National Organising Week Challenge we are getting our bathrooms cabinets healthy.  Did you know your makeup, skincare and medicine have expiry dates? And if you use them after those dates it can make you sick. Here is a guide for how long your makeup should stay … Continue reading NOW 2017 – Thursday Challenge

NOW 2017 – Wednesday Challenge

It's National Organising Week and today's challenge is to tackle the dreaded utensil drawer (or holder if you don't have the luxury of a whole drawer) Take everything out, wipe out the drawer so you have a clean slate to start with.  Be ruthless and only put back items you have used in the last … Continue reading NOW 2017 – Wednesday Challenge