You need to hear about Yam


My dear friend Yam just recently received the devastating news that she has Stage IV Lung Cancer.

Seriously, one day she was sick with a cold, she went to her doctor and pushed to have further tests done and the next moment she is in the ER having fluid taken from around her heart. We thought that was the worst of it.

Then she was told she has cancer, its incurable. It has already spread to her ovaries and pelvis.

She is a mum to two young boys, a mum, a talented singer, a nurse and my friend.

I can’t cure cancer but I can raise money to help her to get treatment to prolong her precious life. Unfortunately Yam and her family are not yet Australian citizens so Medicare can not subsidise her $7200 per month treatment.

I am launching a silent auction tonight – this is just the beginning of my efforts but its a start. If one of the items tickles your fancy please place a bid. Here is the link – Please help Yam Auction

If they don’t interest you but you would like to help my friend anyway, please donate at


As I celebrate my many blessings including marking 4 years (almost to the day) of doing this Decluttering Diva thing, I had to use this platform to share my cause.

Thank you for listening. Please pray for my Yam and her family if nothing else.



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