DD & NDIS Service Agreement

About Us

Decluttering Diva was established in 2013 by Kristina Duke, expert Professional Organiser, and specialises in working with clients with chronic disorganisation issues, ADHD and/or Hoarding tendencies. Kristina leads her team who perform predominantly in-home decluttering and organising service for clients.

Decluttering Diva’s Professional Organising services include but are not limited to personalised onsite needs assessment, physical sorting/ decluttering of items with client, expert advice and application of organising solutions for the client’s space.

Decluttering Diva’s fees include complimentary garbage bags, basic labelling, disposal of items reserved for charity and use of the Decluttering Diva trailer for rubbish removal. Decluttering Diva can purchase any additional items required to create customised organisation solutions, with prior permission by the client, at the client’s expense (e.g. containers, hangers etc.) or through NDIS funding (if allowed)

All members of the Decluttering Diva team (including approved subcontractors) have a valid NSW Police Check, WWC certificate and are covered by PI & PL Insurance.

It is essential that the client is present for sessions unless discussed prior and agreed upon by both parties.

Fees and Charges

In – home

Fees for Professional Services are calculated based on time spent by Service Provider providing the above fore mentioned services multiplied by the relevant hourly rate.

The hourly rate is applied to work done at Client’s site. Additional time spent disposing of ONE (1) carload of charity donations is included in the onsite rate.  The current standard rate for Decluttering Diva’s professional services is as per the current NDIS guidelines. Additional staff are charged at the same rate.

Any additional time spent by Service Provider, either to dispose of additional unwanted items, assistance with selling of items, research/ purchase/delivery of organising solutions, or other, will be negotiated with Client as required.

Additional Virtual Support

Decluttering Diva understands that some clients will require some additional support between sessions through phone calls, texts or emails, either with the client and/or their support coordinator.

This will be billed at 15 min increments.

Kristina will be contactable via text/ phone/ email during these times:

          Mon- Fri        8am – 6pm

          Sat               9am – 3pm

          Sun               not available

Please leave a message, and we will aim to respond to out of session communication within 24 hours, but at times this may extend to 48 hours if not urgent.

Administration time for case notes, support letters and the like will also be billed at 15-minute increments.


Travel costs are included in the hourly rate but if the client is out of area (more than 1 hour away), additional travel cost may be incurred. This will be discussed if needed and will be charged at 15 minute increments.

Billing Arrangements

All invoices will be sent to your NDIS provider within 7 days of session.

Direct deposit payments should be made to:

BSB: 032-285

Account No: 793599

Name: Diva Duke Pty Ltd

This is an ongoing service agreement.

Cancellation Policy


The Service Provider requires a minimum FOURTY EIGHT (48) hours notice on cancellation or reschedule of session. If appropriate notice is not given, a minimum $337.50 cancellation fee will be charged (equivalent to our minimum 3 hour session).

In the event of cancellation by the client, less than 18 hours before the agree start time, the full cost of the scheduled session will be charged to the client.

This falls within the 2023 NDIS price agreement guidelines.

We do, however, understand that emergencies happen and therefore Decluttering Diva reserves the right to waive fees for special circumstances as determined by management.  To do so is at the sole discretion of management and does not in any way alter or waive any portion of this Agreement.  

Cancellations can be made via email to info@declutteringdiva.com.au, text or phone to 0402021995.

We will send you a session reminder via text 24-48 hours before your session.


The Decluttering Diva Team will take photos to document progress, and we may decide to use some for social media purposes to inspire others on their decluttering journeys. We will be careful to maintain your privacy and not reveal your identity or location. If you do not wish to have your photos used for social media reasons, please notify via email.

We will also collect relevant personal information such as NDIS number, NDIS Fund information, medical notes, emergency contacts, as well as our own session notes and photos to document progress. This information will not be shared with anyone outside Decluttering Diva without your approval.


For our safety and yours, and so we can be best prepared, please let us know if you have:

  • Pets
  • Mould/asbestos/ extreme dust
  • History of violent or unpredictable behaviour
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Drugs
  • Firearms
  • Illness including a recent diagnosis of infectious disease

We look forward to working with you and helping you on your journey to become less cluttered and more organised.

The Client may approve of the agreement with “OK” reply via return email or sign in-person at first session.