• What happens to the things I choose to declutter at a session? Decluttering Diva will take away any items allocated for charity on completion of each session (whatever will fit in the vehicle!)
  • What if I have more than a car load? If any additional removal of unwanted (charity or rubbish) items is needed, the use of DD’s trailer service or other collection service can be organised at an additional cost.
  • What if I feel its too good for charity, what options do I have? We can offer experienced advice regarding selling of unwanted items through sources like eBay, auctions, buy sell trade pages etc.
  • I have pets is that ok? The Decluttering Diva love most pets but give us a heads up anyway.
  • Should I buy containers before you come? If you have something in mind that you would like to use that’s ok but we prefer to utilise what you already have or can make recommendations based on our expertise and your taste.
  • How do I pay? We accept prepaid bank deposit for the first session. Subsequent sessions are invoiced and can also be paid by direct deposit.