In Home Decluttering Sessions

From little goals like cleaning out the wardrobe or pantry to the big job of downsizing or moving and needing to declutter and pack your whole home, Decluttering Diva can handle them all. Having a team means we have the womanpower.

An in home session with the Decluttering Diva team will help you to be decisive with your clutter so that you can feel lighter and your home can feel calmer. At Decluttering Diva we understand how making decisions can be the hardest part and will work with you at your pace to achieve your goals with minimal stress.

$125 per hour, per team member, minimum 3 hour sessions

Decluttering Diva Rates

We aim to keep our pricing simple and offer 2 package options to help your budget as a thank you for your commitment.

If you’re looking to use your NDIS plan to fund your decluttering, click here for more info or contact us and we can discuss how we can work for you.

Decluttering Diva works alongside you to provide a hands-on decluttering service that combined with practical and experienced advice empowers you to develop the skills to master your clutter.

Together we can tackle almost anything from

  • decluttering and organising your linen cupboard,
  • giving your wardrobe a workout,
  • kicking out the kitchen clutter,
  • taming the kids toys
  • reclaiming the spare room
  • giving the garage/ shed a purpose rather being a dumping ground
  • downsizing the family home
  • unpacking and setting up your new home
  • and so much more

You will save time finding the things when you need and will save money not buying things you already have.

Just a like a Personal Trainer in the gym, Decluttering Diva Professional Organisers will motivate, inspire and guide you into achieving your goals for your home. We can show you how to set limits, prioritise, plan and organise your home so you can live like a diva!

During your session our team will not only help you with the declutter process but advise you on the best way to organise the space for your needs. We will share our expert advice on the products, services and systems we love to use.

Want to know more?

Moving or Selling soon?

Use my Purge N Pack service – watch this video to learn more.


Why pay the costs for packing and removal of items you don’t really need to take to your new home?  You need my purge n pack service.

Decluttering Diva can also advise you on how to minimise the clutter to maximise your home’s potential for sale. Potential buyers want to see a clean, decluttered space where they can envision it as their home.

Decluttering Diva can also give recommendations on companies that supply quality removalists, moving boxes, storage facilities, cleaners and more.