I just wanted to thank you again for all your help. We took on an impossible task – to get our very cluttered home ready for market in 11 days, half packed and ready to move house, with 3 kids under 4 years old AND to NOT take any junk with us to our new home. An impossible and overwhelming goal!

Having you work alongside me enabled me up make decisions so much more quickly with much much less anxiety. You struck the perfect balance of supporting but challenging when needed, fun, easygoing and encouraging. For a task that felt impossible I was amazed how quickly we got through it. It really helped to book several sessions upfront with clear goals for each session & homework to get done between each meeting.

While sorting, I found old to do lists from over the last 5 years with lists of things I wanted to cull and declutter that were never completed. Amazingly, I decluttered more on a year working with you than I had in all my efforts of 5 years leading up to then! seeing carloads going to charity was really freeing and satisfying. What’s more, it’s made me realize how much more simply we can live and we really haven’t missed those items at all!

Looking back, I think I had questioned whether the sessions would work out to be a good investment. It seems madness to spend money on getting rid of “stuff”. On the other side of the process now the answer to that is obvious. With your help to pack and declutter, within the space of 11 days our house looked like a show home. We sold for hundreds of thousands more than we expected to! That would not have happened without decluttering with your help. It is incredibly satisfying to know that the boxes I’ve packed and stored for our new house aren’t just junk thrown in in haste to sell our house quickly but carefully considered and justified items. I love that our house won’t be have excess and junk in it – what a great way to start our new lives.

I’m so excited to move to our brand new house,open those clutter free boxes and find just the right place for each item, each in their logical orderly place. Hoping you’ll be there to help me set up new processes and systems to keep our new life orderly and clutter free.

Thank you for making the impossible possible! It won’t be forgotten.

Juliette, Wahroonga

“Far worse than any dental procedure, I had to do something and now! As my 14 years of renting the same cottage had come to an end due to it being sold. An accumulation of..no let’s be honest… a HOARDING of books, clothes,electrical equipment,fine linen and lots more had taken over every square inch of my living area..I NEEDED HELP, but was fearful of having anyone come in as I was sure,whether they meant it or not,an implied or tacit censure would emanate from them…but ..whenever I started to organise the mess, I would start dithering and get nowhere.TIME WAS TICKING +++. Scanning the net, Decluttering Diva sounded o.k. Finally I rang ..she (Kristina) sounded friendly and confident and could visit soon…necessary so I couldn’t back off. Well when she arrived on time she was immediately friendly, warm ,understanding and professional….not a hint of any implied censure…blessed relief..furthermore from her handbag, she produced like Mary Poppins, equipment to immediately deal with my pile. When Kristina left that day, I had a dining room table I had not seen for years!!!
I also felt somewhat empowered and began to see a way through to some order from the chaos. I am still working with Kristina but my burden is greatly lessening and I feel ‘cleansed’. She even has an ability to help me organise and continue in my next accommodation whatever it may be, so I can have visitors drop in any time without humiliation on my part. Obviously I am so happy I found Kristina and I cannot imagine anyone who may wish to use her services in the future finding otherwise themselves. She has a unique empathy and rapport I think for all ages..(I am approaching 70!!!!)”

Helen, Epping NSW

“Thank you for your amazing work and support today!! Wow!! I feel we achieved so much and believe I am beginning a process I have been wanting to do for years. I can see the improvements already and can’t wait to begin the next group of tasks we will be working on!”

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Robyn, Wahroonga NSW

“Our home was so cluttered, that my husband & I didn’t know where to start. We blamed each other for the mess, and found a 101 reasons not to start. Saw Declutteringdivaaustralia online, gave Kristina a call. Husband was none too happy, but she advised him that we would not be getting rid of his ‘stuff’ but would box it. He took dogs out for long walk, & was amazed by how much we had accomplished, and continued to accomplish in the two following visits. I never thought that I would have our home looking like a home that I am now happy to have family and friends visit, Kristina, I have already recommended you to friends & mums from playgroup!!”

Kitty, Umina NSW

“After moving house and emptying our storage unit we had rooms that desperately need decluttering. I saw Kristina’s ad and took the plunge and called her. We worked hard and accomplished a lot and had fun doing it. I couldn’t be happier and no longer walk past those room and shudder. Thank you!”clutter is just delayed decisions pic

Tracy, Lane Cove NSW