What To Do With Your Decluttered Items Now?

Here is a RESOURCES page with organisations/ projects/ initiatives that could benefit from your decluttered items beyond sending them to the local op shop.

  • Mattresses
    Mattress & Base Recycling Service $35 per piece

  • Sport Shoes
    Got some sport shoes that still have plenty of life? Click on the link to find your closest drop off point – there are 3 just in Hornsby!

  • Various items – kids clothes, baby supplies, food
    A local Sydney group that collects for many worthy causes and distributes your donations as needed.

  • Hotel toiletreis, makeup samples etc
    Every Little Bit helps takes your unwanted hotel toiletries, inflight amenity kit, cosmetic & makeup samples and distributes them to the homeless.
    All donations can be sent to PO Box 340 Forestville NSW 2087

  • Bras / Swimwear
    – Size 8-16 (A -DD) bras in good clean condition
    – Size 18+ ( A-DD) bras in good clean condition
    – Maternity bras and maternity crop tops in ANY condition
    – Swimwear in good clean condition
    – Mastectomy bras in ANY condition (there are highly sought after and can’t be purchased within the countries, the Uplift Project send donations to)
    – Cloth nappies in good condition
    Check out the Uplift Project’s website for your local drop off point

  • Have a Garage Sale!
  • Dresses (Formal/ After 5 etc)
    1. Share: Pop a beautiful dress of yours online for someone else to own and love like new
    2. Wear: Pick a gorgeous dress to own – free!
    3. Repeat

  • Fabric, Needlecraft & More
    A unique social enterprise by Achieve Australia takes donations of all things craft & sewing at their store located at 112 Bowden St, Meadowbank NSW. Funds raised from sales go to help people with disabilities learn life and work skills. Contact them on Ph: 9807 3770 for more information and opening hours.
  • Miscellaneous
    Zilch is an awesome website to list items that you want to give away for free. They also have a great list of places that could take your unwanted clutter

    Oddswop gives you your own Community classifieds site for free.

    Give Now has a huge list of places to donate clothes, blankets, cars, mobile phones, stamps, corks and more. Check out it out and see what is local (or what cause has significance to you)


  • Pet Related Accessories or Food
    Rescue Resource NSW try to ease the load of animal charities by sourcing and supplying much needed items at no charge through group buying power. They gratefully accept any pet-related items being given away, and put them into the hands of NSW rescue organisations.

  • Books & Magazines 
    Donate your unwanted books and magazines to the Footpath Library and they will be distributed to homeless people to help enrich their lives. Make sure to check out their website to see what genres/ conditions are acceptable and where to drop off.

  • Timber/Woodworking Tools
    Got any timber (or woodworking tools) lying around? Donate them to the Men’s Shed and they will turn it into a beautiful handcrafted toy to be donated to charity. Contact raperian@optusnet.com.au or drop off directly at 33a Sefton Road Thornleigh.
  • Business Attire 
    Dress for Success improves the employability of women in need by providing, free of charge, professional clothing, a network of support and the career development tools to help women achieve self-sufficiency. Donate your unused workwear and accessories to help dress women for success.

    Fitted for Work has drop off locations in Parramatta and Melbourne (city) Fitted for Work will use your donations to help women look their best to gain employment and ultimately financial independence.
  • Unused Bath & Pamper Products
    The Beauty Bank is a group that provides women, men and young people in need with the little luxuries in life that most of us take for granted like essential toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body washes, razors, candles, anything that would help someone feel a little special about themselves when in a position of need or distress.
  • and more to come…

Have a suggestion of a great cause that could use others decluttered items?
I’d love to hear about it – email me @ declutteringdivaau@gmail.com 🙂

4 thoughts on “What To Do With Your Decluttered Items Now?

  1. This was a great help because A I didnt know I could give away some of these items you have listed & they are in perfect condition never worn I fat before I had a chance to enjoy most because of depresssion/anxiety medication.
    I have so many bras that would have just gone to the tip or council clean up ( if Im honest I will keep on keeping ).
    I am so happy that now they can go to the home less shelters or at least to the needed . I have already been giving blankets & sheets animal products to local shelters animals always seem to miss out .
    Thank you for the free information ..

  2. I missed your tip on channel on who to donate all my old towels – lots of them – nothing wrong with them however inherited as well as other Manchester items

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