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What do I think about the Marie Kondo craze? Hear what I had to say to the team at The Project… Decluttering Diva view on Marie Kondo

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The Daily Mail asked for my expert opinion regarding the latest social trend FOTO – Fear Of Letting Go

Some great tips for moving house including using Decluttering Diva’s purge n pack service ( Sydney Daily Telegraph) 19 August 2017)

5 steps to keeping a decluttered shed ( 24th July 3017

Domain asked Decluttering Diva (and a couple of my organising friends) the things we do every day to stay organised. Want to know our secret? -organisers advice

Decluttering Diva and fellow Professional Organiser Bonnie Black from Little Miss Organised were interviewed about all things decluttering in this My Weekly Preview cover story The Cult of Decluttering – read the full story Here (15/09/2016)


Decluttering Diva talking all things decluttering with Rabbit and Julie Goodwin (07/07/16)

Decluttering Diva wisdom is quoted in this blog Shine Mirrors – creative ways to get organised. πŸ™‚

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My first article titled How to organise your linen closet  as a regular contributor to the

North Shore Mum’s website featured on 27th January, 2014.


Another NSM article (21st February, 2014)

The many uses for the ‘over the door’ shoe organiser.


Read my story “Diva wants to help declutter – and this time it’s personal” featured in The Hornsby Advocate Page 3 (Thursday 12th June, 2014)


Decluttering the Chore of Laundry

written specially for my lovely friends at North Shore Mums
(8th June, 2014)


Decluttering Diva shares her knowledge on how to organise your home office on Triple H 100.1 FM’s “Small Biz Matters” segment (5th August 2014)


Check out my article featured in many NewsLocal papers
promoting AAPO’s National Organising Week NOW 2014

uplift charity

Decluttering Diva spreading the news about National Organising Week NOW 2015 and our campaign to collect your unwanted bras for the Uplift Project.


Decluttering Diva interviewed about taking a stocktake of the clutter in your life for May/June 2015 Fernwood Fitness Magazine.

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