What is a Professional Organiser??

I am writing this after an interesting phone call with a potential client. I had worked with her before while I was testing the waters regarding entering this profession. I have previously been cleaning people’s houses, along with oragnising their lives and teaching them some techniques to keep in order. I was “learning” to be a PO and seeing if I really was good at it.

I had helped her over a couple of sessions in various rooms of her house, finding out later it was in preparation of baby no.2.  Since working with her, she has contacted me several times over the last year or so asking for more help. I was unable to due to time constraints with uni, family etc.

When I launched Decluttering Diva, she was the first person I called. She seems thrilled and let me know she would figure out what days would work for her. I called her to set up the times and was dismayed to hear that she was looking for something cheaper. Something cheaper? I asked her what she thought I did. Who did she plan on using? Her answers surprised me but then got me thinking that others may have inaccurate views reagrding this profession and what we do.

Are PO’s a cleaner? a personal assistant? a counsellor? 

I am all of that and more.

Did you know that cleaner and personal assistants cost around $25-50 per hour and Counselling sessions range from $100-200 per hour!

My rates (like other PO’s) are between the two. 

I then like to think of it another way – how much are you paid per hour you work? Ok, now think of all the time wasted in your home trying to find things because your house is out of order. What has that cost you in a week? a month or year?

Or maybe look at the money wasted not using items (beacuse you already have 2 of them but didn’t know where they were!) or storing stuff that really doesn’t need to be kept. 

Unlike a cleaner that keeps coming back to you every week, Professional Organisers train and educate you as we organise your space.  Most professional organisers understand that your chaos didnt just happen, there is an element of therapy to uncover the motivations.

The biggest thing I would like to leave you with is that I became a PO to help people. I am the friend who challenges you, listens to you, motivates you and wants you to live your best life. Now that is PRICELESS!


Decluttering Diva

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