Decluttering Diva Weekend Challenge Ok I

Decluttering Diva Weekend Challenge

Ok I want you to go around the house and collect ALL the magazines.

Start at the coffee table, then your desk, bedside table perhaps. Don’t forget to include the magazines in the bathroom or the catalogues on the kitchen bench.

Put them in pile and start with discarding any over 6 months old. If you can be ruthless get rid of any older than 3 months.

Let me know the date of the OLDEST magazine found in your home.

Now in an effort to declutter for the long term, challenge yourself to cancel a subscription that you don’t really read. Stop bringing catalogues in the house – put them straight into recycling.
Living a decluttered life is about keeping items that you truly need (or want) and letting go of those that distract you.

Good luck and happy decluttering!

2 thoughts on “Decluttering Diva Weekend Challenge Ok I

  1. I have one from 1947!! But I am keeping it. I really struggle to let go of magazines, as I feel there are pictures that I want to keep. I probably should read them once and “capture” the images I want and dump them. What do you think?

    1. Oh wow – I don’t think anyone will beat that date!!
      The key to keeping clutter away is limiting stuff. So challenge yourself to limit the vintage mags to one box or shelf, or collect what you want from them and let them go.

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