456 ways to waste a Summers day….never again. 

Like many of you I spin a lot of plates in my life – mum, wife, business woman, friend, volunteer, mentor and more. And attached to all those roles are LOTS of emails. 

Last year was a “busy” one for me ( I have busy in ” cause I know how we all throw out that phrase so easily!) Anyway my inboxes were cluttered – I had read, skimmed or actioned most of my messages but my computer and phone were not in sync and it was a bit of mess. Lots of emails had been left “just in case” or ” for reference” – 2 of the most common excuses I hear when working with clients. I had had enough – the year was up and it was time to purge. I don’t know how many there were but 456 sounds good. 

I can’t believe how long it has taken me to get my inboxes to 0!Although I LOVE decluttering, I didn’t love sitting at my desk for hours plotting through those emails. Sound familiar?  

I had forgotten my own advice to do regular, small declutter missions to avoid feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Although I wasn’t literally tripping over my mess, my virtual clutter was giving me the same problems as the clutter I see in your homes – less space, less productivity, less focus, wasting time etc. 

Well now I have scheduled a time to get back to 0 emails each week, cause I don’t want to waste next summer holidays purging emails. If being decluttered is important to you make sure you schedule a time in your week to do it. 

Happy Decluttering!

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