An out of the box wardrobe solution 

Was reading through my Facebook feed this morning and up popped this post – People are losing their minds over this family’s wardrobe hack

An article about a family who set up a centralised wardrobe. 

That’s nothing new – I did this for a busy mum a couple of years ago 😝. 

She was recently divorced, had three kids under 10, one child had special needs and they all went to different schools which meant mornings were a crazy affair. 

Lucky for me she had a huge buffet and hutch system near her kitchen which wasn’t being utilised effectively so I converted into a school uniform wardrobe. 

I removed the shelves in the tall section and inserted a tension rod for their hanging items like shirts, pants and dresses. 

Each child was allocated a shelf for their sport shoes, school shoes and hat.

Drawers are easy for kids so the simplest solution was inserting some stand alone wire basket sets into the existing bar fridge sized holes. These conveniently store nappies, wipes, play hats and gum boots. 

 The laundry is just around the corner so it’s super easy for mum to restock school supplies when the laundry is done.

I also created a “hair” drawer that contains all the brushes, accessories and products needed for easy hair wrangling in the mornings. 

As you can see from the photos not all the supplies were included as some were being worn, some were in the wash and some were MIA… a common problem for this poor mum. 

All the solutions created were temporary fixes as I know that not everyone wants a wardrobe in their kitchen. The system can be tweaked as the kids grow and needs change. This clients loved her centralised wardrobe – it was the perfect solution to help her get her three kids fed, dressed, bags packed and out the door on time… most of the time ;p

Would a centralised wardrobe be a solution in your home??

It’s time to teach your kids the joy of decluttering 

Are you sick of tripping over toys that spill out of the toy boxes? 

Tired of nagging the kids to tidy up?

Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start?

I can hear parents everywhere reply with a big “yes”. I see it all the time – the toys take over the space and the whole family is overwhelmed. 

The parents repeatedly ask the kids to tidy their mess and they don’t know what to do either, usually because 

  • the toys don’t have defined homes
  • there are too many toys for the space
  • the kids don’t have a system
  • it’s not fun

Decluttering Diva can save the day! In these  school holidays (and in future) I am offering “kids only” sessions – a time where I work with your child to clean their room or toy area and teach them the how-to’s of decluttering and some basic organising principles. 

I’m all cleared with the official stuff as I have my WWCC and as a mum of three myself I know how to motivate, communicate and work with kids. I have a limited number of powerhouse 2.5 hour sessions available to families living within 30 min radius of Hornsby for only $250 (plus GST)

Times available:

  • Tues 26th (arvo)
  • Wed 27th (arvo)
  • Thurs 28th ( morn & arvo)
  • Tues 3rd (morn & arvo)
  • Thurs 5th ( morn & arvo)

Contact me at to book your kids only session now. 

I understand your anxiety more than you realise 

Firstly, I want you to set a reminder or press record on your TV for this Sunday 8:10pm on ch7. 

Thank you. Now I will tell you my story. 

For many of you the idea of having a stranger rifle through your personal possessions and give advice on how to handle them better is terrifying. Many of my clients can be extremely anxious before I arrive and during my visit. Dry mouth, heart palpitations, sweaty palms, the feeling of wanting to run away or have me leave – I’ve seen it all before. I don’t take it personally and even though my clients don’t always believe me, I understand. I really do. 

You see most of my life I’ve had a phobia of birds.My first memories are going into the chicken coup at my grandparents hobby farm to get the eggs. I hated it when the chickens flapped about. I remember the fear growing when dealing with those wretched magpies while I walked to and from school in the spring time. The next vivid memory was going to Wilsons Promotory and feeding the rainbow lorikeets and being pranked by my brothers. 

Fast forward to being a grown up, having kids and the like. My anxiety towards birds had escalated to such a state that I couldn’t go to food court alone because of the pigeons, beach outings were a nightmare with those terrifying seagulls and on really bad days a moth could set me into a full blown panic attack. It was horrible. It was embarrassing. It was crippling. My fear had taken over and controlled my thoughts and actions. 

This Sunday on the Sunday Night program on Channel 7 my story will be shared – showing before, during and after a new treatment for phobias. 

I would love you to watch. 

I have shared my story and try this new treatment for several reasons

  1.  to help to enlighten and educate those that don’t suffer from anxiety or phobias 
  2.  to speak for those that due to their anxiety cannot 
  3. to show that change can happen
  4. And because as a psychology student I had to try it. 

Like you inviting me into your home to work through your clutter issues, I invite you into my life to see another side of me. I hope it inspires you to overcome a fear, or to be patient with someone you may know who struggles with anxiety. As I write this I am both terrified and excited that my secret will be out. 

So watch the show and find out how I now handle birds. 

NOW 2017 – Wednesday Challenge

It’s National Organising Week and today’s challenge is to tackle the dreaded utensil drawer (or holder if you don’t have the luxury of a whole drawer)

Take everything out, wipe out the drawer so you have a clean slate to start with. 

Be ruthless and only put back items you have used in the last month, yes I said month. If needed mark on your shopping list to buy non skid mat or shallow containers to keep it in order. 

Anything utensils left over put into a grocery bag or box and stow away under the sink or something with a piece of masking tape marking the date 1 month from now (If that seems too hard make it 6 months).  When that predetermined time comes that bag of decluttered utensils can go to charity ( if it in great condition), recycle or bin. 

Having a decluttered drawer will make food prep easier in the future and I’m sure you won’t miss that melon baller or 2nd set of measuring spoons etc. 

Happy Decluttering!

NOW 2017 – Tuesday Challenge

Here is your second challenge – NOW is the time to get decluttered and organised.

Tote bags, handbags, grocery bags, wallets, shopping bags, sports bags – we all have them and usually far too many than we actually ever need or use.

Today I want you to take 5 away (of course more if you can or if your collection is sizeable like this one!)

If they can be donated to charity – fantastic, or recycled – great. Just get them out.

Bags are useful but too many are clutter.

Happy Decluttering!

PS Here is a great post from with some more ideas on how to tackle those totes

Plans. Why do we bother to have them when life never goes to a plan?!?

You know those days (maybe it feels like its been weeks or months for you) when you start the day with great intention. Maybe you thoughtfully made a list of things to do or perhaps created some beautiful diary entries that make your google calendar look like a stained glass window. You went to bed thinking tomorrow will be the day – the day that I fit in the exercise I want to achieve, eat the right foods, tick off my to-dos, not lose my temper, listen to my kids, be organised…and more.

Then you wake up.

The alarm didn’t go off, the “good” food isn’t in the house, the weather is wrong, the kids are in moods, you can’t find your list (or your sneakers) and this is all before your coffee has even hit the sides.

The temptation to already give up, to give in the negativity around you and trudge through the day feeling flat, like a failure. But this is life – life isn’t perfect, it never goes to plan. Obstacles, distractions, limitations – whatever you want to call them will constantly come your way. The key is to achieve something positive regardless. Now for some that may be just one or two to-do’s, for others you may get most of what you planned – it doesn’t matter how much gets done but rather acknowledging the victory, the achievement of overcoming and not dwelling in the negative to get it done.

When life derails your plans, change track. Don’t just get off the train, stop the journey and wallow in it on the side of the rails. Take the deviation for a bit and check out the view, maybe this new course is actually better for you. Maybe you have been trying to fit to many stops along the way and you need to take the express route every now and then.


Life is a journey. We all have the same destination but unfortunately we don’t have the control to plan when we get there or how.

Its great to have plans, to make a itinerary for your life but if you get hung up on sticking to the plan you may miss the best parts of your journey. So today I hope this encourages you to get back on track, enjoy the ride and don’t be surprised when life gets a bit bumpy. It all about having perspective of the bigger picture.

Happy Decluttering !



Give your year an organising kick start with a fantastic February special

Well the holidays are almost over and reality is about to it – busy schedules, routines (or lack there of), school lunches and more.

If all of this makes you want to hide under the covers,stop and think – Life doesn’t have to be this way -it doesn’t have to run you, you CAN have control. You are never too busy to get organised.


Getting organised actually helps to save your valuable time. It can also help you to save money, reduce stress and feel in control.

I want to share the organising love (pardon the Valentine’s pun) and give you a kick start to declutter and organise your year. Book your in-home session in February and I’ll put you in the draw to win Decluttering Diva’s Organising Pack (valued at over $100) containing some of my favourite organising tools.

So call me on 0402 021 995 or email me @ and we can get started on having a fantastic February living life with the #divaeffect.




Do you suffer from TSUNDOKU??

This article popped up in my facebook newsfeed – There a word for buying books and not reading them. And it got me thinking about the things people buy but do not use. 

 Tsundoku : Oku means to do something and leave it for and tsunde means to stack things.

Could this term TSUNDOKU also refer to other common items bought as displays of status? ( or great intention?)

Here are some of my favourites:

  • Thermomix/ magic bullet –  overpriced paperweight that gives the illusion of healthy, homemade cooking. 
  • Exercise bike/ treadmill – glorified towel rack that could keep you fit, if used. 
  • Cookbooks – the promise of being the next Masterchef. 
  • Fancy dinnerware – for that special occasion 
  • Guest towels/ soaps/ linen – cause we all run a B&B
  • Store cards – the one with the most wins

What items in your home have been bought and never used? Why do you still have them? No judgement here, just want you to have a moment and be mindful of what you have and why you have it.

Happy Decluttering!

The Beauty of a Decluttered Diary.


I have recently taken an RWO (rostered week off), a luxury I know but very needed. During this time of reflection and rest I have come to the realisation that for most of us the biggest thing we need to declutter is our schedules.

When working with a client one of the first questions I ask them is “what do you want from this space?”. This is important, firstly so that I know what the client is wanting to achieve but secondly, and more importantly, so that the client takes a moment and articulates their feelings. I write down the said purpose and feeling that the client wants to achieve to refer back to over our time together.

Sometimes the vision you articulate is unrealistic for the space, maybe due to space, budget, lifestyle and a compromised solution needs to be found,  sometimes it only needs a little tweaking to fulfil the brief.

I want you to stop for a moment and articulate what you want from your schedule. What is it you want to do each day, what do you need to do, what really is important?


“We are trying so hard to cram so much of life into our time,

that we are often failing to enjoy it.”


So lets have a look at your schedule – does it need just a little tweaking or a full reality check?  Have you got time allowed for events to go overtime, to take an important call from a friend, to have a cup of tea, to play, to read, to catch up, to breathe??  Similarly to working on your drawers and cupboards, the initial declutter forces us to keep only what we really need but the true beauty of the organising is in the space between the items – the white space. White space is essential as it allows for overflows at stressful times, it allows for growth and flexibility when needed, it allows for your things to breathe and to just be in the space.

You need sleep, you need food, you need love. We do not need to learn pilates, attend every school event, sporting activity or even every social get together. Its OK to stop, to have some white space in your diary. Your kids are not happier being run around like crazy people with a stressed out mum. Your friends don’t care that you have attended every event but are not really present. Most of all you are not happier feeling overwhelmed with calendar clutter.

Let’s look at after school activities as an example. (If you don’t have kids, think about any classes or groups you belong to). The initial intention of these activities is to be a fun and often educational experience. What they turn into is a forced event that not only stretches our time management skills to the max but often puts strain on our budgets and our stress levels. I see it all the time, rushing to find the right shoes or bag, pleading for the kids to get in the car, fighting the traffic to get there only to complain that the teacher or coach  isn’t producing the results we want for our kids.

Swimming school, scouts, playing an instrument, participating in sport, tutoring and more. What is it all for? Is this what you want from life? For your kids life? Could the initial intention of some fun and fitness be achieved by just taking the kids to the park or going for a walk? Maybe they could help make dinner or just have a playdate?

Before you burn out, crash out, melt down or self combust – STOP and evaluate what you really want.  No fancy organising app or family planner can help if your calendar is cluttered so go to your diary and start decluttering the things that do not fulfil the vision you want for your life.

Happy Decluttering!

P.S For any easy family planner idea click here

Organising the Study – TODAY Extra 2/3/2016

In case you missed it live – here is the link to Study Declutter

As featured on TODAY extra -here is the fabulous Space Cube  – I just love it – a compact, stylish organising tool that will not only keep your things neat and tidy but help you to limit the quantity you have on hand.



Buy yours now at the spacecube

Other supplies featured on this segment are available at Officeworks (I have no affiliation but love there range and prices)