NOW 2017 – Wednesday Challenge

It’s National Organising Week and today’s challenge is to tackle the dreaded utensil drawer (or holder if you don’t have the luxury of a whole drawer)

Take everything out, wipe out the drawer so you have a clean slate to start with. 

Be ruthless and only put back items you have used in the last month, yes I said month. If needed mark on your shopping list to buy non skid mat or shallow containers to keep it in order. 

Anything utensils left over put into a grocery bag or box and stow away under the sink or something with a piece of masking tape marking the date 1 month from now (If that seems too hard make it 6 months).  When that predetermined time comes that bag of decluttered utensils can go to charity ( if it in great condition), recycle or bin. 

Having a decluttered drawer will make food prep easier in the future and I’m sure you won’t miss that melon baller or 2nd set of measuring spoons etc. 

Happy Decluttering!

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