Plans. Why do we bother to have them when life never goes to a plan?!?

You know those days (maybe it feels like its been weeks or months for you) when you start the day with great intention. Maybe you thoughtfully made a list of things to do or perhaps created some beautiful diary entries that make your google calendar look like a stained glass window. You went to bed thinking tomorrow will be the day – the day that I fit in the exercise I want to achieve, eat the right foods, tick off my to-dos, not lose my temper, listen to my kids, be organised…and more.

Then you wake up.

The alarm didn’t go off, the “good” food isn’t in the house, the weather is wrong, the kids are in moods, you can’t find your list (or your sneakers) and this is all before your coffee has even hit the sides.

The temptation to already give up, to give in the negativity around you and trudge through the day feeling flat, like a failure. But this is life – life isn’t perfect, it never goes to plan. Obstacles, distractions, limitations – whatever you want to call them will constantly come your way. The key is to achieve something positive regardless. Now for some that may be just one or two to-do’s, for others you may get most of what you planned – it doesn’t matter how much gets done but rather acknowledging the victory, the achievement of overcoming and not dwelling in the negative to get it done.

When life derails your plans, change track. Don’t just get off the train, stop the journey and wallow in it on the side of the rails. Take the deviation for a bit and check out the view, maybe this new course is actually better for you. Maybe you have been trying to fit to many stops along the way and you need to take the express route every now and then.


Life is a journey. We all have the same destination but unfortunately we don’t have the control to plan when we get there or how.

Its great to have plans, to make a itinerary for your life but if you get hung up on sticking to the plan you may miss the best parts of your journey. So today I hope this encourages you to get back on track, enjoy the ride and don’t be surprised when life gets a bit bumpy. It all about having perspective of the bigger picture.

Happy Decluttering !



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