Plans. Why do we bother to have them when life never goes to a plan?!?

You know those days (maybe it feels like its been weeks or months for you) when you start the day with great intention. Maybe you thoughtfully made a list of things to do or perhaps created some beautiful diary entries that make your google calendar look like a stained glass window. You went to bed thinking tomorrow will be the day – the day that I fit in the exercise I want to achieve, eat the right foods, tick off my to-dos, not lose my temper, listen to my kids, be organised…and more.

Then you wake up.

The alarm didn’t go off, the “good” food isn’t in the house, the weather is wrong, the kids are in moods, you can’t find your list (or your sneakers) and this is all before your coffee has even hit the sides.

The temptation to already give up, to give in the negativity around you and trudge through the day feeling flat, like a failure. But this is life – life isn’t perfect, it never goes to plan. Obstacles, distractions, limitations – whatever you want to call them will constantly come your way. The key is to achieve something positive regardless. Now for some that may be just one or two to-do’s, for others you may get most of what you planned – it doesn’t matter how much gets done but rather acknowledging the victory, the achievement of overcoming and not dwelling in the negative to get it done.

When life derails your plans, change track. Don’t just get off the train, stop the journey and wallow in it on the side of the rails. Take the deviation for a bit and check out the view, maybe this new course is actually better for you. Maybe you have been trying to fit to many stops along the way and you need to take the express route every now and then.


Life is a journey. We all have the same destination but unfortunately we don’t have the control to plan when we get there or how.

Its great to have plans, to make a itinerary for your life but if you get hung up on sticking to the plan you may miss the best parts of your journey. So today I hope this encourages you to get back on track, enjoy the ride and don’t be surprised when life gets a bit bumpy. It all about having perspective of the bigger picture.

Happy Decluttering !



Give your year an organising kick start with a fantastic February special

Well the holidays are almost over and reality is about to it – busy schedules, routines (or lack there of), school lunches and more.

If all of this makes you want to hide under the covers,stop and think – Life doesn’t have to be this way -it doesn’t have to run you, you CAN have control. You are never too busy to get organised.


Getting organised actually helps to save your valuable time. It can also help you to save money, reduce stress and feel in control.

I want to share the organising love (pardon the Valentine’s pun) and give you a kick start to declutter and organise your year. Book your in-home session in February and I’ll put you in the draw to win Decluttering Diva’s Organising Pack (valued at over $100) containing some of my favourite organising tools.

So call me on 0402 021 995 or email me @ and we can get started on having a fantastic February living life with the #divaeffect.




The Cult of Decluttering

Decluttering Diva is excited to share the cover story for the latest issue of My Weekly Preview. Along with fellow AAPO member Bonnie Black from Little Miss Organised we share the dirt in all things decluttering. 

Click here to read the full article.  
Would love to hear your thoughts 🙂

Happy Decluttering!

RESET – in readiness for reality (your busy week ahead)


AAPO‘s National Organising Week is over. It’s a busy week for a Professional Organisers as we  spreads the word about our industry and share some  practical tips and insights. I hope you have felt motivated to make your wardrobe work for you. 

I’m back to “normal” schedule this week. I just love the feeling on Sundays when I look over my calendar and get my head around the week ahead. I plan the weeks meals, get the kids to pack their bags, check they have their uniforms ready, get their “stuff” and put it back where it belongs etc.
It’s a clean slate. The to-do list carries over, the priorities, goals and space are reset and I can breathe. 

You should try the reset button in your home. 

Organising the Study – TODAY Extra 2/3/2016

In case you missed it live – here is the link to Study Declutter

As featured on TODAY extra -here is the fabulous Space Cube  – I just love it – a compact, stylish organising tool that will not only keep your things neat and tidy but help you to limit the quantity you have on hand.



Buy yours now at the spacecube

Other supplies featured on this segment are available at Officeworks (I have no affiliation but love there range and prices)

Behind the scenes of Decluttering Diva’s TV debut

 What an exciting, exhaustion and entertaining day shooting my first segments for Mornings on Channel 9. 

I’ll be on the set Monday to show you the great results achieved in the linen cupboard and pantry. So tune in from 9am. 


ABC Challenge “A”

So here it is! Week 1 of the ABC Declutter Challenge.

Its time to declutter something starting with “A”.

Have you packed your Christmas stuff away? Maybe you have an excess of Angels??? Don’t forget to post your pics of what you decluttered this week.


Happy Decluttering!

Getting Decluttered is as simple as ABC


Get ready – on January 10th I’m launching the ABC Declutter Challenge!

For the next 26 weeks we are going to have some fun decluttering our spaces.

I will allocate a letter of the alphabet to each week and I want you to declutter at least one thing starting with that letter. The fun bit will be to share a pic of it either here on my website or on my fabulous Facebook page (DD’s Facebook page). Have a giggle, champion on others as they take on the ABC Declutter Challenge and celebrate your successes.

I love making things that seem like a chore be a game. It’s how I like to work with my clients when doing their in-home consultations. When you change your mindset and approach, you usually have more success in dealing with your clutter. Remember the clutter is never the issue.

Happy Decluttering!

Feeling proud as punch

Sometimes when you get your mail you get a surprise ( and not a bad one like a huge bill!)

Here’s today’s mail…



Thanks to those who voted for me, whoever you are. As they would say at the Oscars… It’s an honour just to be nominated.