Getting Decluttered is as simple as ABC


Get ready – on January 10th I’m launching the ABC Declutter Challenge!

For the next 26 weeks we are going to have some fun decluttering our spaces.

I will allocate a letter of the alphabet to each week and I want you to declutter at least one thing starting with that letter. The fun bit will be to share a pic of it either here on my website or on my fabulous Facebook page (DD’s Facebook page). Have a giggle, champion on others as they take on the ABC Declutter Challenge and celebrate your successes.

I love making things that seem like a chore be a game. It’s how I like to work with my clients when doing their in-home consultations. When you change your mindset and approach, you usually have more success in dealing with your clutter. Remember the clutter is never the issue.

Happy Decluttering!

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