Happy NOW 2017 – Monday Challenge

It’s National Organising Week!!! A time when Professional Organisers across Australia share our love for organising and our great industry. 
NOW is the perfect time to start a new habit to help you get decluttered and organised. Each day I’m going to share a quick tip for you. 

Today I want you to quickly go through your wardrobe and pull out 5 items that you haven’t worn for about a year. If you can do more, great. 

 Don’t over think it though. 

Now put them in a bag and put that bag straight into your car to be taken to your local charity shop/ bin. 

(If you have extra time go back to the wardrobe and identify any “maybe” items that you were considering going to charity and turn those hangers backwards (or if folded items place at the top/ front of the section). At the end of this week you can revisit them and consider whether you are ready to let go of them.)

Happy Decluttering!

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