An out of the box wardrobe solution 

Was reading through my Facebook feed this morning and up popped this post – People are losing their minds over this family’s wardrobe hack

An article about a family who set up a centralised wardrobe. 

That’s nothing new – I did this for a busy mum a couple of years ago 😝. 

She was recently divorced, had three kids under 10, one child had special needs and they all went to different schools which meant mornings were a crazy affair. 

Lucky for me she had a huge buffet and hutch system near her kitchen which wasn’t being utilised effectively so I converted into a school uniform wardrobe. 

I removed the shelves in the tall section and inserted a tension rod for their hanging items like shirts, pants and dresses. 

Each child was allocated a shelf for their sport shoes, school shoes and hat.

Drawers are easy for kids so the simplest solution was inserting some stand alone wire basket sets into the existing bar fridge sized holes. These conveniently store nappies, wipes, play hats and gum boots. 

 The laundry is just around the corner so it’s super easy for mum to restock school supplies when the laundry is done.

I also created a “hair” drawer that contains all the brushes, accessories and products needed for easy hair wrangling in the mornings. 

As you can see from the photos not all the supplies were included as some were being worn, some were in the wash and some were MIA… a common problem for this poor mum. 

All the solutions created were temporary fixes as I know that not everyone wants a wardrobe in their kitchen. The system can be tweaked as the kids grow and needs change. This clients loved her centralised wardrobe – it was the perfect solution to help her get her three kids fed, dressed, bags packed and out the door on time… most of the time ;p

Would a centralised wardrobe be a solution in your home??

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