Sometimes you’ve got to crash before you fly…

So I saw this awesome slow motion video on FB yesterday of this 19 year old launching himself in the air and breaking a pole vault record clearing the bar at 19 ft and 1 inch. 

The video was great inspiration for me to help while my client who was struggling with some serious anxieties about her career. 

I asked her to tell me her fears, to acknowledge the specific things that are stressing her and paralysing her from starting on her journey of finding a new “corporate” job. 

Remembering the awesome video I talked through how sometimes to achieve goals you may have to crash on a mat a couple of times. There is no way that kids who hurled himself near vertical in the air to clear that bar had success straight away. He would have had many sessions practising, likely falling, possibly hurting. 

So we set some goals to apply for a set number of jobs per week, to allocate a set time to research companies and to set rewards for achieving these goals. We acknowledged that rejection would happen but that was just like crashing on the mats, it was practise that gave tougher skin and increased grit to attack the next challenge. 

Setting goals can be hard especially when you are paralysed by perfectionalism, weighed downed with anxiety or unclear of what you really want to achieve. 

Here are some hints to help you achieve your goals:

  1. It can be helpful to break down the big goal into smaller, manageable tasks. 
  2. You need allocate specific times in your diary for when you are working on these tasks, you need focus. Also set realistic time frames for completion. 
  3. It important to reward yourself as you accomplish things – whether it’s a coffee break, some tv time or a special purchase. 
  4. It also great to have support – a mentor, an accountability buddy or just a supportive friend. 

To watch the full video click here and Happy Decluttering! 

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