It’s time to teach your kids the joy of decluttering 

Are you sick of tripping over toys that spill out of the toy boxes? 

Tired of nagging the kids to tidy up?

Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start?

I can hear parents everywhere reply with a big “yes”. I see it all the time – the toys take over the space and the whole family is overwhelmed. 

The parents repeatedly ask the kids to tidy their mess and they don’t know what to do either, usually because 

  • the toys don’t have defined homes
  • there are too many toys for the space
  • the kids don’t have a system
  • it’s not fun

Decluttering Diva can save the day! In these  school holidays (and in future) I am offering “kids only” sessions – a time where I work with your child to clean their room or toy area and teach them the how-to’s of decluttering and some basic organising principles. 

I’m all cleared with the official stuff as I have my WWCC and as a mum of three myself I know how to motivate, communicate and work with kids. I have a limited number of powerhouse 2.5 hour sessions available to families living within 30 min radius of Hornsby for only $250 (plus GST)

Times available:

  • Tues 26th (arvo)
  • Wed 27th (arvo)
  • Thurs 28th ( morn & arvo)
  • Tues 3rd (morn & arvo)
  • Thurs 5th ( morn & arvo)

Contact me at to book your kids only session now. 

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