5 Myths of Organising… busted.

To celebrate Decluttering Diva's 5th Birthday I'm giving you a gift... I'm debunking some popular organising myths. 1. Containers are the keyNot everything needs to be contained. One of my pet peeves is seeing linen cupboards with all the linen in plastic containers - it’s just not necessary and a waste of money. Why all … Continue reading 5 Myths of Organising… busted.

It’s time to teach your kids the joy of decluttering 

Are you sick of tripping over toys that spill out of the toy boxes?  Tired of nagging the kids to tidy up? Do you feel overwhelmed with where to start? I can hear parents everywhere reply with a big "yes". I see it all the time - the toys take over the space and the whole … Continue reading It’s time to teach your kids the joy of decluttering 

What are you procrastinating???

Folding a basket of laundry? booking your Pap smear? De junking the junk drawer? Taking your charity items to the op shop? Big or small we all procrastinate, believing that the task is too big for now.  When working with my clients I like to challenge them - I ask them how long they think … Continue reading What are you procrastinating???

Decluttering Diva’s Favourite Things – No. 2

(Images Courtesy : http://www.kmart.com.au & http://www.hsw.com.au)One of the simplest and cheapest organising solutions is the humble "lazy susan".  You can buy them for as little as $7 from stores like Kmart or Ikea, or splurge and have more choice from stores like Howards Storage World.I just love using one in the pantry and for the top shelf … Continue reading Decluttering Diva’s Favourite Things – No. 2

Out of control

So Decluttering Diva has a badly sprained ankle and it has got me thinking.Thought 1. I strongly dislike being unable to do things for myself.I am a strong, capable, slightly controlling person. I am usually the one helping others and taking charge. I like to feel a sense of accomplishment in my day - whether … Continue reading Out of control