Out of control

So Decluttering Diva has a badly sprained ankle and it has got me thinking.

Thought 1. I strongly dislike being unable to do things for myself.

I am a strong, capable, slightly controlling person. I am usually the one helping others and taking charge. I like to feel a sense of accomplishment in my day – whether its completing some chores, helping a client or the like. I don’t like being forced to stay on the couch with my foot up asking for help. I am not a good patient.

Thought 2. I’m glad I have established some routines and systems 

Even when I can’t DO everything, the house hasn’t fallen apart. The kids (and hubby) know the drills and have kept things relatively going. They have pulled together as team – dishes are done, laundry is on and off the line, people are fed. My fridge and pantry are organised allowing the less experienced members of the household to easily find what’s needed. Some people may think being organised is just  for OCD people (just to clarify – I am not!) but organised helps to maintain order even in chaotic times. I have spent time showing them how to do things – training them in anticipation for the times when I won’t be there to do it all.

Thought 3. My way is not the only way!

At times like these I am reminded that although my systems, routines, processes are in place – things don’t have to be done my way. Hubby packs the dishwasher differently, daughter hangs laundry differently, son vacuums differently.  Sometimes  we must let go and let the job get done – perfect or not. It is important for our kids to learn to do chores. They won’t do them as good as you and that’s OK. As I sit with my foot elevated, I am glad I let go and taught my kids to do chores so they are able to help. And I am very glad that I can be grateful for the efforts they make rather than criticising the standards achieved. Organisation does not mean perfection.  If you are frozen in fear of failure of your organisation projects – let go and have a go. Something is better than nothing – declutter a drawer, a shelf or a box. YOu don’t have to do the whole cupboard, room or house perfectly – just start. 

Thought 4. Its OK to be still 

We live in a fast paced, high stress, go, go, go world. Sometimes when I am forced to be still it reminds me that it’s OK to be still. Put your feet up, read a book. The house doesn’t need to be perfect, the kids don’t need to be somewhere, Facebook  doesn’t need to checked ;). Take some time to breathe, be still, enjoy your surroundings.


So as I sit here writing this blog, I remind you (and myself) that although being organised may help you stay in control when out of control things happen,  you do not always need to be in control to be happy.

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