What is Christmas really about?

Many of my clients and friends are running around in a mad panic trying to get everything done before Christmas. Trying to buy the gifts and festive food, decorating the house, making it to all the end of year Christmas events, preparing for guests or travel while still completing the regular workplace and home duties.

Their stress and compulsion to create the perfect Christmas reinforces to me the need to keep it simple and prioritise. 

Personally I have been undergoing house renovations whilst also building my business, completing my usual mum duties and the like. I have decided that this year to go even more minimal with decorations, presents, my food ambition and expectations.  Usually my Christmas decorations are up by now but instead of stressing about it, I have decided to not put most of them up.  My kids have presents to open but not many, as I prefer to spend the money on experiences over the holidays.  I usually love to bake Christmas cookies and other treats, along with challenging myself with new recipes for the big day. This year it may not happen, and thats ok. My family will be fed and it will be special because we are together, not because the side dishes were created by Donna Hay.

I am no Scrooge, I love Christmas, but I want to enjoy the break from routine rather then stress. I want my children to value their presents not be overwhelmed by them. I want to slow down cherish the time rather than run around like a headless chook.

Christmas is about remembering that Jesus was born (if you believe in him), its about family and friends, and its about giving (and receiving).

So take a moment to breathe, forget about getting it perfect and prioritise on what’s important. 


Merry Christmas!

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