What are you procrastinating???

Folding a basket of laundry? booking your Pap smear? De junking the junk drawer? Taking your charity items to the op shop?

Big or small we all procrastinate, believing that the task is too big for now. 

When working with my clients I like to challenge them – I ask them how long they think the task will take and then get them to do it while I time them. Every time the task takes less time than anticipated. Getting organised, setting up systems and making plans are great but often you don’t start doing until you think the plan is perfect. 

Perfection Paralysis – the ability to not do anything in case it’s not perfect (whatever that means ;p)

If you need help challenging your procrastination and perfection tendencies – book a session with me and I can train you to be a doer. 
I can help you to set goals, figure out how to achieve them in manageable steps and motivate you to achieve success. 

So I know what you are thinking, I’ll do that later. Do it now! Email me or phone 0402021995 and begin living with the diva effect.

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