NOW 2017 – Tuesday Challenge

Here is your second challenge - NOW is the time to get decluttered and organised. Tote bags, handbags, grocery bags, wallets, shopping bags, sports bags - we all have them and usually far too many than we actually ever need or use. Today I want you to take 5 away (of course more if you … Continue reading NOW 2017 – Tuesday Challenge

Do you suffer from TSUNDOKU??

This article popped up in my facebook newsfeed - There a word for buying books and not reading them. And it got me thinking about the things people buy but do not use.   Tsundoku : Oku means to do something and leave it for and tsunde means to stack things. Could this term TSUNDOKU also … Continue reading Do you suffer from TSUNDOKU??

Home runs or foul balls??

Ok so I'm stuck at home with a suspected broken rib (ouch) The line between wanting to cry or laugh about it is very thin.Adding to the fact, that if I do either it hurts.  Life throws us lots of curve balls and its important to adjust your position so you hit it out of … Continue reading Home runs or foul balls??

What can you declutter starting with “D”?

This week in the Alphabet  Challenge we are tackling things starting with "D". Now off the top of my head I can think of a big D that causes most families a headache - the kids drawings. They come in the door, the next Picasso perhaps, precious and personal to the little artist ( and … Continue reading What can you declutter starting with “D”?

Did you know there is another way to cut an avocado?

I didn't till I did a little research. I found a blog sharing all the benefits of slicing width ways - less browning, easier portion control, same aesthetic result...     Image from featured blog : Slicing your avocado differently can be the start of changing your mindset about clutter.  I like to help people … Continue reading Did you know there is another way to cut an avocado?

Time to Have a Spring Fling and Beat Those Bathroom Blues

Spring is approaching and its time to get out of hibernation and freshen up. Lets start with inside your bathroom cabinets. I've seen it before - a face powder covered makeup bag cluttered with your favourite lipsticks... some since high school, a cabinet full of 101 different half used bottles of lotions and potions, drawers littered with … Continue reading Time to Have a Spring Fling and Beat Those Bathroom Blues

Guest Post – Can you put a price on clutter?

Some of us like to say that we don’t have junk: “But I only keep the things I use and need!” You may not want to label any of your belongings ‘junk’, but it’s time to dust off any negative connotations of the word and accept that you probably don’t use or need everything at … Continue reading Guest Post – Can you put a price on clutter?

DD’s Favourite Things 3

The best way to feel good in your kitchen is to have plenty of counter space. One of my favourite things is my Magnetic Knife Rack. It gets my knives out of those ugly blocks or out of my valuable drawer space and up on the wall. It also gets your knives out of reach … Continue reading DD’s Favourite Things 3

But at what cost??

I hear so many reasons why people don't get organised."I have no TIME","I have no MONEY","My stuff isn't HURTING anyone","I might NEED it one day","I can organise it LATER".TIMEHow much of your time is wasted looking for items like keys, important papers, lists, phones, shoes? Lets do a little exercise. Lets say you spend 5 … Continue reading But at what cost??