Time to Have a Spring Fling and Beat Those Bathroom Blues

Spring is approaching and its time to get out of hibernation and freshen up. Lets start with inside your bathroom cabinets.


I’ve seen it before – a face powder covered makeup bag cluttered with your favourite lipsticks… some since high school, a cabinet full of 101 different half used bottles of lotions and potions, drawers littered with sample packs and more.

Step 1: Toss the Trash

Seems simple enough – get a plastic bag and toss any items that have broken or cracked packaging or product. All of those sample packs that magically appear in your drawer that you know you don’t need and won’t use… put them in a separate bag and donate to your local women shelter etc. If you are local to Sydney there is a great charity called Every Little Bit Helps (www.elbh.co) who would love to pass on decluttered samples to the homeless.

Step 2: Take a Time Out

Let’s get real about how long you have held on to your products. Did you know that mascara should be thrown out 3-4 months after you opened it?? Moisturisers, sunscreens and cleansers should be used up in a year?? You may not be able to remember exactly when it was purchased but you would have a ball park figure and my guess is most of your product has had its time. There are plenty of sites advising on expiry dates of all manner of cosmetics. Check out hairsprayandhighheels blog for example.  Its kind of gross when you think about how much bacteria could be in your old products, and we are putting this on our skin -the biggest sponge of all – our body is absorbing the yuk!


Step 3: Less is More

The rubbish is gone but a good cull is still in order… Let’s have a look at how many products we have open at one time. How many moisturizers do you need on hand at one time? Does that newish lipstick colour really suit you? For the majority of women we use the same products day in and day out. Occasionally we splash out and wear a different lippy but for the most part we have our staples, so lets stop fooling ourselves and get rid of the excess. Decluttering is all about getting rid of what we don’t use to make the process easier – and mornings are hard enough ;p
Step 3: Make a Mark

Now that we have tossed out the rubbish and expired products, we should have left products that we know we use and how long we have had them. Lets get a sharpie (and maybe some masking tape) and note the month and year that we opened them so we can keep track of their age for the future. Now keep the sharpie in the drawer for the next time you open something new.

You could even mark the products that you think you might use with a “if I don’t use by…” date. Then when you next have a clean out it will be easy to let go of those occasional use items.

cosmetic-727637_1280Step 4: Start Afresh

Wipe down all the shelves, clean out the drawers and  buff up the mirrors. Replace your beauty basics into their clean homes and admire your hard work. I can assure you than not only getting ready but keeping the bathroom tidy will be easier with less stuff.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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