Home runs or foul balls??

Ok so I’m stuck at home with a suspected broken rib (ouch) The line between wanting to cry or laugh about it is very thin.Adding to the fact, that if I do either it hurts. 
Life throws us lots of curve balls and its important to adjust your position so you hit it out of the park. If you stay in the same mindset you will just keep hitting foul balls. 
So with this is mind I’m excited to see what home runs can be achieved. 

When it comes to conquering your clutter it’s all about mindset – the stuff is just stuff, it will come and go but when you adjust your mindset you can attack it differently. That’s what I love doing – helping you to see things from a different angle, give you a new strategy or technique so you can see the light at the end of the cluttered tunnel. 

Anyway, pray I heal quickly and that home runs can be achieved. 🙂

Happy Decluttering!

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