What can you declutter starting with “D”?

This week in the Alphabet  Challenge we are tackling things starting with “D”.

Now off the top of my head I can think of a big D that causes most families a headache – the kids drawings. They come in the door, the next Picasso perhaps, precious and personal to the little artist ( and sometimes more so to Mum).

They clutter the fridge, the counter, the dining table, the school bag and more. Logically we know we can’t keep them all but just making the decision can feel paralysing.  

It’s important to set limits – maybe a box, a folder, a space in the wall and a time – a time to purge, sort and archive.  

What else starting with D could you declutter this week? 

An old Dictaphone, decorations, dress ups or discs?? Would love to see what goes. 
Happy Decluttering!

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