Did you know there is another way to cut an avocado?

I didn’t till I did a little research. I found a blog sharing all the benefits of slicing width ways – less browning, easier portion control, same aesthetic result… 


Image from featured blog : http://food52.com/blog/15044-the-other-smarter-way-to-cut-an-avocado

Slicing your avocado differently can be the start of changing your mindset about clutter. 

I like to help people to see another way to cut the avocados in life. Just because you have done it that way doesn’t mean it’s the best way for you. It’s the same with your stuff – how you look at it, deal with it and value it. 

Clutter is often just the physical manifestation of a blocked mind. We get in a rut and can’t even start to think of a different way of being yet alone how to get there. Our parents may have taught us how to run a house – maybe your Mum seemed to save every container or piece of paper or your Dad kept all those hardware bits and bobs just in case they may need them. Although  you may have hated living with those cupboards bulging with stuff and every flat surface cluttered, you unconsciously have picked up similar habits. 

You want to change, you want your home to be different, but you don’t know where to start. 

You need to start with your head! Question why you have things, what’s important to you, what’s your vision, what’s the goal. When you become more mindful and open to the idea of doing something different – like rolling your clothes instead of folding them for example you have begun to deal your clutter differently. 

Like slicing your avocado width ways rather than length ways. 🙂

Happy Decluttering!

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