Could you wear the same outfit for a week?

You may have heard about people like Mark Zukerberg who a “uniform” of sorts to keep the decision of what to wear simple – they have more important things to worry about. 

I am not one of those people. I like fashion and try hard to not look like i wear the same thing. I love changing up outfits with accessories, injecting pops of colour, looking fashionable whilst also being comfortable. Since starting this business though I realised that life could be just easier if I have a uniform of sorts to make dressing easier. I am yet to perfect that. 

Today in my newsfeed on FB an article by Huffington Post came up titled “We Wore The Same Outfits To Work All Week. Here’s What Happened.”

Two journalists wore the same outfit all week. The result was that predominately no one noticed (or cared!)

The biggest thing I learnt from this experiment is that if we are honest is that we are selfish people and are more focused on how we look, than worrying about what others wear. If I really think about it I wouldn’t remember hardly anything others wear throughout the week. Why should I? Similarly, why would others care about what I have worn?

Therefore we should all let go a little, stop over thinking fashion and just live a little easier with a decluttered, simplified wardrobe! Doesn’t sound very diva like but a real diva has more important things to worry about ;p

Here’s the link to the Huff Post story – I wore the same outfit for a week, if you’re interested. 

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