Expert tips to help you get organised for Christmas 

Oh my goodness its only a couple of weeks till the Christmas and the crazy season has already begun. I know already you are probably dreading the added workload, inflated expectations and budget blowouts that are likely to happen. I know what you are also thinking, oh no another blog about all the ways to get prepared for a perfect Christmas and how I know I will fail before I try. This post is different. 

I could give you a step-by-step plan with ideas on how to manage it all – from planning meals, gifts and your schedule.

Instead, I want to ask; 

What is YOUR perfect Christmas? 

What does it mean to you? Really have a think about it, what do you want?

Instead of Christmas adding to your to do list, how about you take things off? Let’s declutter your To-dos.

Do you need to go to that work or class party? I know a free glass of champagne is enticing and seeing your friends can be fun, but is feeling overstretched worth attending every event you’re invited to?

Is it essential for you to see all the family on Christmas Day?  Maybe negotiate with your family to spread events over a period of a month or two. Are you always the one to host? Do you always have to drive the furthest? Maybe this year is the year that you put you and your family’s needs first.  

Is gift giving essential? Maybe agree that the kids have enough toys, the parents have enough knick knacks cluttering the space and pool a portion of your budgeted funds to buy a great group gift like a theatre or sporting experience, a mini vacation or sponsoring a child for a year.

Is providing a full Jamie Oliver menu on Christmas Day necessary? Sometimes keeping the menu simple, having just a few favourites makes the hero ham or turkey sing. I’m a firm believer in sharing the load – don’t be afraid to ask guests to bring a side. Many hands make light work.

Christmas should be a time for family, friends, celebrating your beliefs and enjoying the holiday season. Like any clutter in your life, if it causes you stress or anxiety, declutter the excess so you can enjoy the beauty. 

That’s living with the #divaeffect 🙂

Here is my version of a decluttered Christmas tree that I did last year. Less mess, less wasted space, less time.

Wishing you all Merry Christmas too!


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