Decluttering Diva’s Favourite Things – No.1

I have decided to now regularly share some of my favourite products that help me be decluttered and organised.

The first item that I personally use is this awesome phone case.  The reason I LOVE it is that eliminates the need for me to haul around a handbag wherever I go.  For the majority of my trips out of the house I need only my license and a credit or debit card. Occasionally I am out all day and need to take a handbag with my makeup, notebook and the like.

This phone case allows me to store up to 3 cards in the back of my phone. This not only saves my back from carrying the extra weight, but also saves me time rummaging through my bag or wallet to find the few things I use.

I found this one on eBay for about $15 new.

Could you lighten you load and declutter your life a little?


Decluttering Diva's favourite things No.1
Decluttering Diva’s favourite things No.1


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