5 Steps to Bring the Joy Back to Crafting


Let’s get your craft clutter organised! I want to help you to enjoy your hobbies and that will be easier when you can easily source them. Hobbies should be fun not a chore.

Here is a step by step process to get your craft clutter in order.
1. Get it together! Find all your craft projects around the house and bring them together – it important to see everything together so you can get the big picture of your craft clutter. When they are spread across different rooms it can be hard to see the impact the your craft clutter is having on you, your family and your home.

2. Assign a space. Allocate a drawer, box, container, cupboard or room – this is your craft space. This is your limit. Its up to you to set this limit based on your resources. If your budget, home or spouse only allows a plastic tub from the $2 store -own it, its yours.

3. Decluttering the excess. Lets first put aside any projects that we are part way through. Have a think “why did I stop working on this?” Often there is no big reason, just you got distracted by something else -a new project or “life” got in the way. Maybe the craft project bored you, frustrated you or became to hard. If it not something that you want to finish now, in this moment. Let it go. Put aside the few that you still really want to complete.

Now let’s find all the brand new kits that you intended to start. Maybe you planned to make something as a gift, wanted to trial a new skill or you just had to get it cause it was on sale.  I know you had great intentions but if you know you won’t use them, let them go – sell them, trade them, gift them, donate them. Put the new kits that you want to keep with the incomplete kits to save.

What’s left? Bits and bobs from older projects, patterns, paper, thread, paint, stickers, beads, wool, fabric, brushes and more . Let’s get rid all those bits that are not providing inspiration for creation but rather causing you to become a nutter for craft clutter. Be strong – put them in a bag and donate to your local preschool, craft club, kids club or charity – they could really use them.

image4.You found gold! You have found the craft treasures amongst the hoard. Depending on how strict you have set your craft space and how much you have already decluttered, you may want to challenge yourself further. Here’s the advance challenge: Amongst the new and incomplete kits, I want to challenge you to let go of any more than a year old, these projects are not for the “now” you but the old you.

Now what you have left are some incomplete projects and some new ones. Let’s seperate them into seperate ziplock bags ( if that suits your craft type).

5. Set a date. Before storing them away into your box, cupboard or room put a date to be completed on each project. For example, the cross stitch kit that you bought to make a gift for your mum it needs to be completed by her next birthday. Its important to not only set space limits but time limits to your crafts. This will help you to keep stock of how much time you actually have for craft versus how much time you think you have. If you really want to complete the project you will make sure your schedule allows.

No longer will you have to wrestle through the raffia, wade through the wool or peer through the papers to find the craft you want to work on. How exciting, using these 5 steps you can easily create an decluttered and organised craft space for you to enjoy! It’s time to make your hobby a joy not a job.

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