Helping People to Achieve More Than the Picket Fence Life.


Before I even started Decluttering Diva I started my education into all things mental. I embarked on my Psychology degree in an effort to understand some of the ways that we think and why we are all so different. I’m fascinated about how the similar experiences can evolve into such different responses.  It amazes me how we often continue in behaviours that are obviously not healthy or happy for us and yet can’t seem to stop it. We often fill our homes with things – whether it’s new mason jar style glasses to look like the ones we see in the foodie mags, or a new type of plastic containers to hold stuff that we have accumulated or pretty shoes that although uncomfortable make us feel like we are looking the part. I want you to stop trying to live the picket fence life!

I’m passionate about learning how to help people decluttering and organise not only their homes but their heads. Often the key to gaining control to your possessions is gaining control and being conscious of your thoughts and examining the behaviours that follow. Why do you want the picket fence life? is what you really want or just what you think life is about? I want to challenge you to look beyond the fence because those extra “things” could actually be making life harder.

If you have felt that being disorganised is constant battle for you, you are not alone. I see the struggle of losing  clutter just like a person who want to lose their weight. Some clutter builds up from time to time when we are busy or distracted, similar to weight gain over the festive season. But when February comes around and those extra kilos (or the pile of papers on the counter or the growing pile of stuff in that spare room) doesn’t shift you know their is a bigger problem. You wouldn’t think twice to hire a personal trainer to help motivate, inspire and educate you to lose the weight in a healthy manner that leads to a lifetime of change. Similarly you may need professional help to retrain your habits and eliminate the clutter triggers in your home.

Well I’m super excited to announce that I can now be called a Chronic Disorganisation Specialist.


I have received my CD Specialist Certificate from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization. This not-for-profit organization provides education and training to professional organizers and related professionals who specialize in working with the chronically disorganized population.

I want to help people to be decluttered and organised -not so their home can look like one out of a magazine. I want to help them to really live a mindful, simplified, organised and yet full life. I’m looking forward to more studies and more qualifications in the future… I love to learn new things and hope that my enthusiasm inspires my clients and you to make real changes in your life and live beyond the picket fence.

Happy Decluttering!

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