The Big Bang Theory & Hoarding

  So I'm just casually watching one of my favourite shows - all about quirky, intelligent people who look at the world differently and I am surprised to see the topic get serious.  The character Sheldon is pivotal - a man dealing with probable autism, OCD and more. And in last tonight's episode he revealed his … Continue reading The Big Bang Theory & Hoarding

RESET – in readiness for reality (your busy week ahead)

   AAPO's National Organising Week is over. It's a busy week for a Professional Organisers as we  spreads the word about our industry and share some  practical tips and insights. I hope you have felt motivated to make your wardrobe work for you.  I'm back to "normal" schedule this week. I just love the feeling on … Continue reading RESET – in readiness for reality (your busy week ahead)

Organising the Study – TODAY Extra 2/3/2016

In case you missed it live - here is the link to Study Declutter.  As featured on TODAY extra -here is the fabulous Space Cube  - I just love it - a compact, stylish organising tool that will not only keep your things neat and tidy but help you to limit the quantity you have on … Continue reading Organising the Study – TODAY Extra 2/3/2016

Decluttering the Bathroom – TODAY Extra 22/02/2016

 Want to learn some tricks of the organising trade on how to keep your bathroom feeling clutter free? Click Here to view.          

Decluttering the pantry and plastics – Today Extra 15th Feb 2016

Want to see the latest Declutteting Diva segment on Channel 9's Today Extra? Click here What was your favourite tip?? Note: All supplies used are available from Kmart. Happy Decluttering!

Decluttering the linen press – Today Extra 8th Feb, 201

If you missed me live on Today Extra -here is the link...   

Decluttering some “e”

Almost forgot to start the week with a new Alphabet Declutter Challenge... This week lets try something starting with E  some broken or mismatched earrings could go  any eyeshadow that are more than a year old - who knows what bacteria has grown on it in that time  An egg beater that is cluttering up … Continue reading Decluttering some “e”

Behind the scenes of Decluttering Diva’s TV debut

 What an exciting, exhaustion and entertaining day shooting my first segments for Mornings on Channel 9.  I'll be on the set Monday to show you the great results achieved in the linen cupboard and pantry. So tune in from 9am.                     

What can you declutter starting with “D”?

This week in the Alphabet  Challenge we are tackling things starting with "D". Now off the top of my head I can think of a big D that causes most families a headache - the kids drawings. They come in the door, the next Picasso perhaps, precious and personal to the little artist ( and … Continue reading What can you declutter starting with “D”?