Did you know there is another way to cut an avocado?

I didn't till I did a little research. I found a blog sharing all the benefits of slicing width ways - less browning, easier portion control, same aesthetic result...     Image from featured blog : http://food52.com/blog/15044-the-other-smarter-way-to-cut-an-avocado Slicing your avocado differently can be the start of changing your mindset about clutter.  I like to help people … Continue reading Did you know there is another way to cut an avocado?

Decluttering Diva’s Favourite Things – No.1

I have decided to now regularly share some of my favourite products that help me be decluttered and organised. The first item that I personally use is this awesome phone case.  The reason I LOVE it is that eliminates the need for me to haul around a handbag wherever I go.  For the majority of … Continue reading Decluttering Diva’s Favourite Things – No.1

But at what cost??

I hear so many reasons why people don't get organised."I have no TIME","I have no MONEY","My stuff isn't HURTING anyone","I might NEED it one day","I can organise it LATER".TIMEHow much of your time is wasted looking for items like keys, important papers, lists, phones, shoes? Lets do a little exercise. Lets say you spend 5 … Continue reading But at what cost??

How many is too many?

One of the easiest places and most satisfying ( and my most favourite!) to declutter is the linen closet. Take out all your towels. How many do you have? Be honest. How many do you really need? I believe 2 bath towels per person is enough. A special set for guests is ok too. A … Continue reading How many is too many?

Top 6 Tips on getting ORGANISED in 2014

Let me begin by reinforcing my creed - Organised does NOT mean perfection.  I want to teach you to be organised i.e to know where your things are (or should be), to be prepared, to have a plan or structure for your home and life, to set up systems and habits. 1.HAVE A DIARY or … Continue reading Top 6 Tips on getting ORGANISED in 2014

What is Christmas really about?

Many of my clients and friends are running around in a mad panic trying to get everything done before Christmas. Trying to buy the gifts and festive food, decorating the house, making it to all the end of year Christmas events, preparing for guests or travel while still completing the regular workplace and home duties.Their … Continue reading What is Christmas really about?

Out of control

So Decluttering Diva has a badly sprained ankle and it has got me thinking.Thought 1. I strongly dislike being unable to do things for myself.I am a strong, capable, slightly controlling person. I am usually the one helping others and taking charge. I like to feel a sense of accomplishment in my day - whether … Continue reading Out of control