Is time to declutter some friends?!?

As 2014 comes to an end, we reflect on what has been and dream of what is to come. Maybe you mights also like to look at the relationships you have made, lost and maintained throughout this year.
This awesome article from takes a look at ‪decluttering‬ relationships.

If I met this person TODAY would they be someone I would choose to engage in a friendship or other relationship with?

I have been guilty of holding onto relationships that feel one-sided, do not “feed” my needs or have been downright poisonous. It think its important to not only look at decluttering the “stuff” around us but also relationships that no longer make us feel happy, fit us or serve a purpose in our life.

While you spend some time evaluating your goals for 2015, have a look at the people around you and how they may help or hinder you reaching your targets. Now this is not an excuse to be rude to people but rather a challenge to be more conscious about those you invest your time with.

Happy Decluttering ( & Happy New Year!)

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